Istanbul Toy Museum

istanbul toy museumStudies show that the histıry of toys has pioneered the history of science and art.We believe that dreams come first and then the reality follows their footprints.Toy museum appear in communities which attach importance to their futures and cultural development.

The Istanbul Toy Museum, housing 5000 vintage toys, presents its visitor the history of enlightenment and civilizations.The Museumfounded by Turkish poet and author Sunay Akın, has been opened on 23 April 2005.The extensive collection includes antique samples of traditional Turkish toys and also unique pieces that reflect the culture of various countries, namely USA, Germany, England, France, Japan and many more.Our exhşbşts span the period from the first tin toy manufacturer Ernst Lehmann to the Victorian period, from Penny Toys sold on the pavements for only 1 Penny to the first black Teddy Bears manufactured in 1912 to commemorate the Titanic victims.
Istanbul Toy Museum Soldiers
The Museum also includes a cosy cafe surrounded by toys and a movie theatre.The theatre with 70 seats in furnished with all the necessary technical amenties.Visitors are entertained by the Museum events which include, slide, shows, moviesi puppet theater and magic show performed by local artists.The workshop decorated wşth chocolates and candies like the Hansel and Gretel House, gives the children an opportunity to attend the activities in a dream world.
While entering the Museum your child will hold done of your hands and when you leaving, your childhood will be holding the other.
The museum is closed on Mondays.

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